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Foot Rests: Eldon Office Products

Foot Rests from Eldon
Ergonomically designed support accessories for feet are essential in helping to reduce chronic interference with circulation in the legs due to poor posture while sitting at the computer terminal for extended periods of time. The Eldon design staff, working with ergonomic specialists, have developed footrests with adjustable height mechanisms in order to provide optimal support for the feet and legs. The adjustable tilting footrest is a must for multi-user workstations; not only does it quickly and easily adjust to a comfortable "tilt" level for the user, one design features a bumpy surface that massages all 21 points of tires feet.

Foot Rests: Eldon

ELD-04603 ELD-04603 - Tilting Footrest with lock

ELD-04653 ELD-04653 - Height-Adjustable Tilting Footrest




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