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Keyboard Platforms: Humanscale (Neutral By Design)

Gold Medal - Best of the Show Honors in the Ergonomic Accessory Category at Neocon 1999. The Award Winning 2nd Generation Freedom Arm from Humanscale (Neutral By Design). With one touch it provides smooth, intuitive, knob-free adjustments for both height and depth.

Adjusts Effortlessly: a simple one-handed motion allows the keyboard to be repositioned instantly, without the use of locks or levers..
Encourages Low-Risk Posture: many keyboard products today focus solely on maximum adjustability, the 2G maximizes adjustability within a safe operating range. It does not offer positive tilt..
Non-Intrusive: the 2G offers total knee clearance. There are no knobs or levers to hit knees or snag clothing..
Lifetime Warranty: the 2G provides the industry's most stable support for mousing and keyboarding. Made of powder-coated steel to exacting standards, it will provide years and years of healthy use. In addition, the 2G meets or exceeds all applicable BIFMA Standards.

Humanscale (Neutral By Design)

NBD-2G971RF NBD-2G971RF - 2G971RF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G911RF NBD-2G911RF - 2G911RF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G911RG NBD-2G911RG - 2G911RG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G911LF NBD-2G911LF - Keyboard Platform - 2G911LF

NBD-2G911LG NBD-2G911LG - 2G911LG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G911RLF NBD-2G911RLF - 2G911RLF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G911RLG NBD-2G911RLG - 2G911RLG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G931RF NBD-2G931RF - 2G931RF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G931RG NBD-2G931RG - 2G931RG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G951RF NBD-2G951RF - 2G951RF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G951RG NBD-2G951RG - 2G951RG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G961RF NBD-2G961RF - 2G961RF Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G961RG NBD-2G961RG - 2G961RG Keyboard Platform

NBD-2G971RG NBD-2G971RG - 2G971RG Keyboard Platform




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