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Office Partition System: IceCubes

Office Partition System: IceCubes™

The revolutionary IceCubes™ office partition system takes the guesswork out of the workstation space planning process, and the time out of installation. The available colors will blend with and enhance any decor. Panel size choices allow you to configure workstations any way you like.

The Universal Connectors, included with each panel, allow for installation in any layout. No need to waste time determining the right parts to complete the job. Just determine the size of the job, order the desired number of panels and the system is ready for assembly, using only a screwdriver. Use a single style connector, Universal Link, to configure any layout desired. All connectors and hardware is included with panels.

Innovative manufacturing design can make dealership floor plan design easier. - IceCubes™ is a new space divider system adaptable to dealership sales offices and other "off carpet" workspaces. The system has several features that overcome problems with traditional partition systems.

Traditional partitions can be confusing to order and may require a service call when a dealer wants to reconfigure them. IceCubes™ can be installed in any configuration using the same connecting hardware. Each panel has multiple accessory capabilities. Among other things, sound-absorbing tackable panels, paper sorters, shelves, phone mounts, and printers can be mounted on the panels.

The Universal Link connecting hardware is simple to install using only a screwdriver - whether the intended use is a single workstation, a 20-station call center, or an open space showroom configuration. No special hardware is required.

The partition system is manufactured from a reinforced, blow molded, high-density polyethylene. It is scratch and dent resistant, making the panels more durable than fabric-covered options, which can tear or get dirty.

The system is suitable for dealership sales closing offices, the accounting department, and the call center.

Iceberg Enterprises: IceCubes Partition System

ICE-95421 ICE-95421 - Partition Panel 48"H x 26.5"W - Charcoal

ICE-95423 ICE-95423 - Partition Panel 48"H x 26.5"W - Platinum

ICE-95431 ICE-95431 - Partition Panel 48"H x 38.5"W - Charcoal

ICE-95433 ICE-95433 - Partition Panel 48"H x 38.5"W - Platinum

ICE-95521 ICE-95521 - Partition Panel 66"H x 26.5"W - Charcoal

ICE-95523 ICE-95523 - Partition Panel 66"H x 26.5"W - Platinum

ICE-95531 ICE-95531 - Partition Panel 66"H x 38.5"W - Charcoal

ICE-95533 ICE-95533 - Partition Panel 66"H x 38.5"W - Platinum

ICE-95610 ICE-95610 - Sorter

ICE-95620 ICE-95620 - Phone Mount

ICE-95630 ICE-95630 - Partition Shelf

ICE-95640 ICE-95640 - Sound/Tack Panel for 26.5" Wide

ICE-95641 ICE-95641 - Sound/Tack Panel for 38.5" Wide

ICE-95650 ICE-95650 - Accessory Panel for 26.5" Wide

ICE-95651 ICE-95651 - Accessory Panel for 38.5" Wide




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